Visitors’ Book

We had over 200 comments in our Visitors’ Book at the Jacobsthal Exhibition – thank you to everyone who visited and who took the time to comment. This is what some of our visitors wrote:

Extracts from the exhibition’s visitor’s book

Fantastic contribution to our knowledge of the history of Oxford and its people

I’m told this is a good exhibition – but I’ve spent all the time talking to old friends! I’ll come back to see the exhibition next week!

Wonderful display and opportunity to highlight present-day refugees’ plight

I had no prior knowledge of anything to do with Jacobsthal, and found his history to be intriguing

Brilliant exhibit! And the story of but one man

A fascinating insight into the horrors of Hitler’s destructive urges, through the eyes of one great man. Thank you.

Excellent, sobering, inspiring

A very interesting perspective on being a refugee in Oxford. I’m only visiting from Denmark

 I love the smells! My favorite is the Bubblegum and the worst is the mustard gas! Phewy! The typewriter was fun too!

I am the daughter of a German Political Refugee who was also interned … Please contact me.

Chilling reminder of what it was like not so long ago

Very interesting – I shall tell my cousins (whose mother’s family died in Auschwitz). Sensitively curated

I particularly liked the stories of others who came to Oxford as children

A moving commemoration of a very remarkable scholar (former colleague of Jacobsthal)

 I had never heard of this man and know nothing about Archaeology – but found the story of his life and work fascinating

A magnificent achievement, pulling together such an interesting story from a collection of ignored papers

Very moving, happy to see how Oxford has been a melting pot of cultures

Seeing the actual documents / cards that the refugees were issued made me feel what it was like for them in a way no book / article / programme had before

A truly fabulous exhibition, and a very important story

So interesting to track the personal histories – essential testimony for the future

Excellent exhibition – Very interesting on Jacobsthal himself and his life in Oxford. But I also found the film fascinating. Will bring my teenage daughter and anyone else I can interest!

Never thought of the Nazis appropriating archaeology to prop up their ‘Master Race’ theory. Will wear my Celtic jewellery with extra pride now.

A very emotional experience for me as my parents were so welcomed here

How important to hear these stories – we must never forget

Beautifully organized and presented exhibition, very well researched. Much enjoyed. Will return.

Found the film fascinating

Fantastic. I shall tell all and bring my family

Wonderful display – clear text-filled boards tell an amazing and important story

Unforgettable part of my Oxford trip

Extraordinarily detailed and thought provoking on so many different levels both past and present. What a feast of visual and oral history

I really loved the interviews with the people who moved to Oxford in the war … some of them were very moving!

A wonderful and moving exhibition, which shows how much refugees have given to this country

Thank you for remembering

An absolutely fascinating account of the child refugees who were lucky to escape to England

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