Mystery Photograph

Mystery Seaside Town

Mystery Seaside Town

Some of the old photographs and glass plate negatives in our archive have no labels and we are having trouble working out where they were taken. Do you recognize this British seaside town? The glass plate photograph was taken in about 1910. Was the photographer standing on a pier to take the picture? How much has the seafront changed since this picture was taken?

The Congregational Meeting House, Banbury c. 1930. Photo: Stuart Piggott

The Congregational Meeting House, Witney c. 1930. Photo: Stuart Piggott

Another mystery – solved. We knew that this photograph, taken by archaeologist Stuart Piggott in c.1930, was of a building in Witney, Oxfordshire, but where? One of our volunteers did some sleuthing, and discovered that it is the old Congregational Church, built in 1828, and demolished in 1976 to make way for a supermarket. Thanks, Roelie!


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