LiveFriday: Egyptomania at the Ashmolean Museum

Did you go to LiveFriday at the Ashmolean on Friday 31st? On LiveFridays, the Museum opens up its doors to the public for a fun evening of events, creative workshops and entertainment. This time, the theme was ‘Egyptomania’, to tie in with the Tutankhamun Exhibition, with extra ghoulishness for Halloween. The Ashmolean was packed with visitors – this is a really popular event.


Photograph: Katharina Ulmschneider

Our own Katharina was there talking to visitors about Jacobsthal’s camel – there is a whole story behind this camel, which we discovered when we were working on the Jacobsthal project – we are writing it up and will let you know when we finally get around to publishing it.


Dancing the Charleston in the West Meets East Gallery. Photo: Katharina Ulmschneider

Our Historic Environment Image Resource had its first museum outing, supporting the brilliant Photobooth. Lucie from the Ashmolean chose some of the Egypt images from HEIR, which were projected onto a green screen in a Photobooth.


There were costumes to dress up in, then you entered the Photobooth and chose your favourite background to be pictured against…


Dressing up for the photobooth – the things we do for the archives…

Katharina wasn’t the only one wanting a picture of her time-warp ‘travels’ – this is the queue…

Queuing for the Photobooth. Photo: Katharina Ulmschneider

Queuing for the Photobooth. Photo: Katharina Ulmschneider

The Institute of Archaeology’s Ian Cartwright was there giving a great talk on Harry Burton, the photographer of the Pharoahs. Other old photograph events included the amazing ‘Professor’ Heard’s Frightful Magic Lantern Show.


A glimpse of ‘Professor’ Heard’s original magic lantern slide projector…

There were too many highlights to list them all here, but other favourites for us included the Pop Up Charleston Demonstrations, the Vintage DJ and Dance Floor, and a gruesome talk on Mummification, Dismemberment, and ancient Egyptian Funerals.

We are looking forward to the next LiveFriday…

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