From photograph to history: super sleuthing


One of our HEIRtaggers came across this image in our ‘mystery location’ collection and decided to find out more.

Wylie: street scene in British town Wylie: street scene in British town

She sent us this report:

‘Having spent a happy couple of hours yesterday evening doing some more ferreting, I can confirm that Resource ID ; 35259
Original Filename : Wyliebx3im002.tif
Caption : Wylie: street scene in British town
has now been identified as

Pickering, North Riding of Yorkshire – the Market Place

The exact date is more difficult to determine.
Herbert Hunt was not running either hotel in either 1893 nor 1913

Last name        First name       Born     Died     Event    Record set         
HUNT            HERBERT           1850       1906     1906     England & Wales deaths(1837-2007)
Location        Pickering, Yorkshire,

In the 1901 census
Herbert  Hunt   51  (born Yorks Wakefield)  was living in  Yorkshire Menston and working as a ” Drug Traveller”  !!

So that would place this photograph between 1901 & 1906′


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