Sir John Linton Myres

Sir John Linton Myres (1869-1954)- Archaeologist and photographic documenter

© Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Sir John Linton Myres was born in 1869 in Preston and was an influential British archaeologist. Having been the Gladstone Professor for Greek and Lecturer in Ancient Geography at the University of Liverpool from 1907, Myres became the first Wykeham Professor of Ancient History at the University of Oxford in 1910. He greatly influenced Vere Gordon Childe, the British-Australian archaeologist. His contributions included the British Naval Intelligence Division Geographical Handbook Series and the noted 11th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1910-11). Excavations conducted in 1904 in Cyprus and travels in the Mediterranean led to the creation of a vast collection of photographs not only documenting the digs but also the local scenery and culture.

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  1. Roger Conneff says:

    Did Sir John speak with an accent or was he rp?

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