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A teaser: ‘Living off the Romans in the 19th and 20th centuries’

We are looking forward to a talk by our researcher, Dr Janice Kinory, who will be exploring the relationship between commercial photographers in the late 19th century and the Roman ruins they photographed. She will be showcasing many of the … Continue reading

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Tracking the future of the past

We want to find out what has happened to the places pictured in our lantern slide collection. How have they changed over time? Have buildings been restored, damaged or destroyed? How have the landscapes around them changed? Have roads been added, or … Continue reading

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The Passmore Slides

I’ve recently been involved with surveying the Archive’s lantern slide and glass plate negatives collections – a job which might take a bit longer than originally anticipated (my original naïve guess was that we held a few thousand slides and … Continue reading

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