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Throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth century, the University of Oxford was at the forefront of archaeological thought and development. This knowledge culminated in the foundation of The Institute of Archaeology in 1961. Such was the unparalleled importance of the Institute that it became a repository for the archives of many leading archaeologists, even if they had no direct link with Oxford or the Institute.

Without the resources to curate and document the materials, many of the archives have remained largely uncatalogued. With generous donations from The Reva and David Logan Foundation and the Heritage Lottery Fund, the current archives team has begun work on preserving and improving access to the collections.

The archives provide an evocative insight into a different world. The story of the history of archaeology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the character of the archaeologists, fascinates academics and the general public alike. The archives reveal startling images of excavation techniques, teaching, buildings and material, and show the impact of two world wars on individuals and the course of archaeological thought through the twentieth century. The archives reveal hidden friendships, rivalries and antagonism between the archaeologists whose writings shaped the discipline. Follow the progress of the archive team as we attempt to bring all these treasures to light. If you have comments or want to contact us in regard to any of the posts, images and the project in general use the comment boxes or email us directly at archivist@arch.ox.ac.uk.

Thanks for following our work!

Dr Sally Crawford

Dr Katharina Ulmschneider

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  1. Robert Petts says:

    As a retired person with an interest in archaeology, I have a little time spare in which I could possibly assist in some way.

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