Tracking the future of the past

We want to find out what has happened to the places pictured in our lantern slide collection. How have they changed over time? Have buildings been restored, damaged or destroyed? How have the landscapes around them changed? Have roads been added, or walls taken away?

For example, this is the Pyramid Tomb of Cestius at Rome. Do you know what it looks like now? We think the photograph was taken in about 1910 – do you know differently? How much in this photograph has changed over time, and when did the changes take place? Let us know if you have answers – help us to build up a heritage timescape of ‘then’ to ‘now’ by sending us pictures or information.

About Archaeology Archives Administrator

Researchers in the archives of the Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford. Home of the Historic Environment Image Resource. Passionate about old photographs and fresh biscuits.
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